Spotty Adds Album Illustrations to the Spotify Playlist

Do you feel the Spotify app displays songs in a boring manner? Well, Spotty might just spruce up things. The Spotify app doesn’t normally show the album artwork besides the songs and this might make it feel a bit boring. Not only does spotty better the look, it also makes it easier to recognize your music or albums when they’re in list form.


Why You Should Consider Installing Spotty

When searching for music on your Spotify app, you need to concentrate in order to find what you’re looking for. This is because all you see is nothing but text. Once you install Spotty, you’ll notice that the songs will have an album artwork. This will definitely make it easier to spot what you need. Besides, it makes your Spotify even more beautiful.

You have probably noticed that due to the way music is arranged on the list, you are required to concentrate while choosing the artist or album you would like to listen to. This isn’t perfect for multitasking. Spotty will make your Spotify app better for multitasking by ensuring that you can see your music easily. While it may seem a very simple tweak, a few minutes into using it and you’ll discover how valuable it is.

In addition to the ability to bring an album artwork on the Spotify playlist, Spotty also allows you to play your songs even when Spotify is offline. You don’t need to have a direct internet connection for you to play songs or even see the album covers on the list of songs. Whether you are using the free Spotify app or you have a paid subscription, this tweak will definitely come in handy. It is available on the Cydia BigBoss repo where it you can download it free of charge. For a better experience, download the latest Spotify version.

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