Scriblit Allows Doodling on Your iOS Screen

A new jailbreak tweak, Scriblit, allows you to turn the display of the jailbroken iPhone or iPad into a drawing canvas. This means you can easily draw just about anything right on the iOS home screen. The tool is meant to add fun to the way you use your iPhone on a daily basis. The way in which you use it, whether toying around with it or drawing on photos, all depends on your creativity.


Since Scriblit depends on an Activator action to work from anywhere on your device, you need to have installed Activator in order to use it. By invoking the Activator gesture, a couple of buttons will pop up on the screen and they include:

  • Outline List – A command that lets you change line thickness and color
  • Dot in Circle –Used to take a screenshot of the drawing
  • Pen/Eraser – Toggles between a pen and an eraser tool
  • X – Closes the Scriblit interface

Not only does Scriblit do a great job at allowing to scribble on apps or photos on your jailbroken iOS device, it also allows you to take a screenshot in one touch. Whenever you take the screenshot, you’ll get a notification once it has been taken.

How to Configure Scriblit

Once the tweak is installed, visit Settings > Scriblit to configure the tweak. In order for you to invoke it from anywhere on the screen, you will have to enable, then disable the entire tweak before choosing an Activator action that you would use to invoke the tweak. It is commendable to choose an action that can be fired even while on the lock screen.

Other settings here include picking the default color and thickness of the pen. You can change the way the tweak is invoked using activator as well as plenty of other things. Some of the settings will only take effect once you respring the device. If you would love to download Scriblit, it is available from $1.50 from the Cydia BigBoss repository.

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