PokemonGoAnywhere: Visit Any Location On Pokémon GO

If you love Pokémon Go and you’re just in a location that doesn’t seem to have as many Pokémon as you would like to have, there is a way out. Well, you don’t have to walk to great lengths to catch a Pokémon. All you need is to jailbreak your device and install a new tweak from Cydia that lets you go to any location on Pokémon Go. The tweak, known as PokemonGoAnywhere, is not only simple to use, but also works fine on iOS 9.3.3.


How to Use PokemonGoAnywhere

This tweak works by allowing you to select where you want to go right on the map. It provides locations that are marked right on the map. You can easily jump from one place to the next just by tapping on the map. This isn’t a location spoof mod hence you don’t risk having an account ban.

Unlike the previous mods, PokemonGoAnywhere allows you to go to any location on the map by ‘walking’ and not teleporting which makes it harder for Pokémon to detect that you aren’t actually walking. In addition to this interesting feature of this app, the developer has also promised to add even more functionality including an auto walking feature. This feature will automatically direct you to the gyms as well as other favorite spots.

How to Install PokemonGoAnywhere

  • Open Cydia
  • Go to Reload Sources
  • Add http://www.williamlcobb.com/repo to the list of repos
  • Search for PokemonGoAnywhere. Remember it is one word.
  • Open Pokémon and the tweak will begin working automatically

Whether you are injured or you are just tired of moving around to catch a Pokémon, this tweak is one of the best that you can install on a jailbroken iOS device. It has been updated recently and continues to include new features. This is the ultimate tweak for users of jailbroken devices, as long as you like Pokémon Go.

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