Pokemon Go Tips to Better Your Capture Skills

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Despite the popularity of this augmented reality game, there is little or no in-app guide to catching your Pokemons. All you know is that you have to walk around, discover Pokemons and capture them. I have rounded up a couple of Pokemon Go tips that will definitely make you a better player. I am assuming that you already know the basics and are seeking to better your game.

Pokemon Go tips

Turn off the AR for Faster Capturing

The augmented reality and capture your Pokemons on a real world. The fact is that it is harder to capture them this way. You will have to aim your phone camera. This is not only uncouth as most strangers don’t like a stranger pointing a camera at them. Pokemons off the AR world gyrate less and are easier to catch than those in AR.

Choosing Your Eggs

When at the Pokestops, don’t really both with low Kilometer eggs. A 2K (Kilometer) egg will give you a low-level Pokemon as opposed to a 10K or 5K eggs. Always go for a high value if you can.

Curve Ball XP Bonus

When catching wild Pokemons, you might consider using curveball for more XP. To do this, tap and hold the ball then spin it around until it sparkles before tossing it. Take note to toss the ball the opposite direction of the first spin. This might increase accuracy even though the path of flight seems so random at most attempts.

Slow Down the Pokemon

This Pokemon Go tip will help you capture very powerful critters. Baiting the Pokemon with Razz Berries makes it easier to capture. They will make the Pokemon slower hence more manageable.

Pokemon Go Tips are an Adventure

The game is still a mystery to most. Think this is how the developers want it to be. Pokemon has brought a revolution to the way we game. It’s anonymity and the fact that you have to walk to play heralds a new future of computer gaming.

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