PokeGo LS Gif Lets You Animate Your Lock Screen

Pokenmon Go is a global phenomenal especially in the gaming world. Many players have not only embraced and played the game, but also praised it. There is evidence for that. The game broke the App Store’s by becoming the app with the most downloads in the first seven days of its launch. Jailbreak lovers who double up as Pokemon Go enthusiasts can now bring the game’s feel to their jailbroken devices. The trick is simple. Look for the PokeGo LS Gif jailbreak tweak.PokeGo LS Gif

What PokeGo LS Gif Aims to Do

It can be exciting to know that there is a tweak related to Pokemon Go, which you should. The main purpose of the PokeGo LS Gif tweak is to add a wallpaper with an animated Pokemon Go feel to your lock screen. The animation features the teams you can find at a Pokemon Go gym, which are three in number. As the animation is active, you will see it cycle through the three teams’ emblems.

The PokeGo LS Gif tweak works seamlessly without any hitch. As such, it provides the best way for dedicated Pokemon Go players to show off their love for the game. It brings the feeling and illusion that you are always connected to the game even when not using your phone.

Getting Started

To get the PokeGo LS Gif jailbreak tweak, head over to Cydia. After the installation, respring your iPhone and it will automatically become active. You will see it when you lock your screen. The other good thing about the tweak is that it requires no further configurations. Actually, the app does not have any Settings pane.

With the lack of a pane for preferences, some may be worried about the tweaks power consumption. However, that should not be the case. The animation only works when you are on lock screen.

PokeGo LS Gif is free from the BigBoss repository in Cydia. It does not support landscape mode and 3.5 inch displays. Try it out and comment below with your other observations.

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