Play PC Games on your iPad or iPhone

Ever thought of playing your favorite PC games like Counter Strike, GTA V or DOTA on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad)? If yes, then you can try them out, and all that for free.

PC Games on iPhone

App Store is full of thousands of hundreds of games for iPhone and iPad which contain both free and paid ones. Although lot of PC games have already made their way to smartphones, especially iPhone, but still some are only available for PCs. There are lot of utilities available for PC that allow users play Android or iOS games on their Windows PC and Macs, but what about PC games for iOS devices? There is a utility named Moonlight app that allow you achieve your this dream of having DOTA or Counter Strike on your iPhone.

Moonlight will allow you stream your PC apps/games on your iPhone with its touchscreen automatically optimized as controller. With its new 1.0.1 version, Moonlight has improved a lot both in terms of performance and new features, apart from fixing the bugs and errors on its previous version.

How to Play PC Games on iPad and iPhone

To get started, you need to make sure you have a proper iTunes account. If you have already, you are ready to proceed with steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Download and install Moonlight App on it.
  3. When it is installed, launch it and it will show PC configuration with its name.
  4. Pair it up with your iPhone and you will see all the apps installed on your PC there.
  5. Play any game from there and enjoy.

Not only iOS, Moonlight app also supports Android and can be used to stream the PC games on Android devices too in a similar fashion. However, the speed and configuration depends on your Android or iOS device and varies device to device.

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