Easily Take Long Screenshots With the BigShotJb Tweak

Taking screenshots is a common practice during your normal iPhone use. However, it is clear that you have always wanted to take a screenshot of an entire conversation or settings as you scroll down. Having said that, there is already a new jailbreak tweak that can help you tackle the problem of having to take multiple screenshots then stitch them together using other third party apps. The tweak is called BigShotJb and will definitely come in handy.BigShotJb

Why BigShotJb Beats Them All

Actually, BigShotJb makes taking long screenshots easier than you might have thought. In so doing, you will save a lot of time since you will not need to stitch multiple screenshots before sharing. When you are on a scrollable interface, the only thing you need to do is shake your device.

With the shake, the BigShotJb tweak will automatically take the screenshot and save it to your Camera Roll. To know whether you succeeded in taking the screenshot, check out for a “BigShot saved !!!” notification. Wasn’t that simple?

Shaking your jailbroken iPhone for BigShotJb to work is even easier than taking a normal screenshot. In turn, you will avoid the need to transfer your screenshots to your PC to use photo manipulation applications to stitch them.

Notable Limitations

If you are running out of memory on your phone, the tweak may show some caveats. Once in a while it will not load all the details on the interface you want to take a screenshot of. Screenshots by BigShotJb will also tend to have cut offs at the bottom. In the case of taking screenshots on Safari, you will end up with blank screenshots.

You can ignore the mentioned minor caveats since the app will be handy most of the time. Go ahead to download the tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free and try it out. Since the tweak does not have options to configure, you will be good to right away.

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