Lexi Brings the Power of Amazon Echo’s Alexa Straight to Your iPhone

Amazon Echo has a very reliable and efficient voice assistant, Alexa. While up to now the easiest way to find out why people love Alexa so much was by getting Amazon Echo. Things have changed now. You can get Amazon Echo on your iPhone by buying Lexi. Lexi is a $4.99 app that lets you explore all the features of Alexa without spending $180 on Amazon Echo.lexi

What is Lexi?

Lexi is the third-party iPhone app that will let you simulate most of the Echo features on your iDevice. Some of the things you can do with the app is ask about the weather, order from Amazon, learn about a game schedule and so forth.

The only nuisance is that you will have to tap and hold onto your screen as you speak for Lexi to listen to you.

Setting up Lexi is simple if you have to an Amazon account. Sign in with your Amazon account and then authenticate the link from within your Amazon account hence adding it as a device that supports Amazon Alexa.

The most impressive thing about Lexi is the listening and interpretation power is amazing. You will get a response for almost everything you throw at her regardless of your accent. This is one of the very reason why people are so gaga about Amazon Echo.

You can customize it or try third party apps by first installing the Alexa App and using it to set up flash briefings and integration to other useful apps like Spotify.

Will it replace Siri? Of cause not. It cannot perform any OS level tasks or integrate into your iPhone like Siri does and you have to launch the app to use it in the first place. The only difference is that you can set up multiple integrations via the Alexa App hence making it a better tool for third-party integration.

I see it as a great way to bypassing the Amazon Echo bill if all you want is to test an integration or learn how Echo works.

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