IntelliScreenX Tweak Makes Your LockScreen Better

Apple has one of the most beautiful smartphone UIs thanks to iOS 9 and 10. In iOS 10, we have seen the introduction of an even better notification center and control center, among other features. However, there’s still more than can be done. With IntelliScreenX, you have one of the best tweaks that modifies your lockscreen making it more functional and friendlier.


Features of IntelliScreenX Jailbreak Tweak

Among the features you will enjoy on IntelliScreenX include:

  • Ability to add app shortcuts to the lockscreen
  • View missed call alerts and message notifications without unlocking your device
  • Read, select, mark, or delete items from your SMS or mail directly from the lockscreen. You can also edit calendar entries directly.

With this tweak, you don’t have to worry about unlocking your phone every time in order to do the simplest of things. This not only saves you time, but will help in the event that someone picks your phone and needs to call or text one of your contacts in order to return the device.

IntelliScreenX was released for iOS 9 but has been updated to support iOS 10.1.1. To install it, you have to access it through Cydia or using its official repo known as IntelliBorn. Installation is pretty easy and will only take you a couple of minutes. You have to jailbreak your device in order to use IntelliScreenX.

This is a paid tweak and can be purchased from the BigBoss repo. If you feel that you would like to test the tweak before spending your hard-earned cash on it, there is a trial available. Albeit you’ll have to forego a couple of features here. Installation is easy and if the tweak doesn’t work immediately you have installed it, you should visit your iPhone settings page and trust the developers. You can also visit the settings section to change the preferences as per your liking.

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