Hide Apps on iPhone in iOS 9, No Jailbreak is Required

For most users specially iPhone one, privacy is very important. Many users want ability to hide apps on their iPhone, but unfortunately by default, iOS 9 doesn’t offer this feature.

However if you have jailbroken your iPhone on iOS 9 using Pangu, you can find thousand of Cydia tweaks for this purpose that lets you hide apps or anything on your iPhone. The cons is that many people don’t feel comfortable with jailbroken devices so we thought of finding an alternate solution for them.

hide apps iOS 9

Thankfully there is a way around that you can utilize to make any app disappear on your iPhone and that too without having to jailbreak your iDevice. How? That is what this post is supposed to cover.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone in iOS 9

This isn’t very old method as people have done this in iOS 7 and iOS 8. Luckily the same workaround still works and now you can make use of that in iOS 9.

Please note that the process may seem very lengthy to some users so if you really want to hide or disappear any app, only then proceed.

  • First of all make sure you have two wallpapers with one in solid gray color and other in white color.
  • Now apply any out of them with still setting selected.
  • Open Settings app and go to General –> Accessibility –> Increase Contrast.
  • Now you need to make a folder with apps that you want to hide. Give blank name to the folder and for that, edit the folder and paste blank characters there.
  • Now with folder having no name, you will see background of all folders will disappear.
  • Download App Icons free app from App Store.
  • Launch the App and tap on Create Icon and then Go To Link button.
  • Next Photo –> Camera Roll and select the wallpaper you have used before.
  • In URL field above, place some blank spaces like you used in case of folders.
  • Tap on Install twice.
  • Follow instructions twice to add this to the homepage.
  • Now with black icon created, add that to folder and move apps that you wanted to hide to the page within that folder.
  • Now you will have a folder who color exactly matches the background color, making it a perfect blend which makes your apps within that folder hidden.

Unfortunately at moment this is only method to hide apps in iOS 9 on iPhone without jailbreaking it. If you have any questions, do ask!

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