Get the Nightstand Mode With the Vettr Tweak

The Apple Watch has some really good features. One of such is the nightstand mode. The interesting thing about the mode is that it gives you a quick view of the time when you wake up. Given this feature, people with jailbroken iPhones would have loved the same on their phones. One reason for that is because the watch has a small screen. Thanks to a new and a free jailbreak tweak dubbed Vettr, transforming your iPhone into an amazing nightstand clock is easy.vettr

Vettr Brings the Nightstand Mode to iPhone

The developer of this tweak might have thought about making Vettr tweak present a night mode-like experience to jailbroken iphones. If so, he succeeded. The tweak effectively works by ensuring the battery level and time are always displayed. However, your phone has to be connected to a power source.

With the display remaining on when using Vettr, it is likely that your phone will take longer to charge than normally does. Since you will not be using your phone when sleeping, the charging time differences should not be a major concern. After installation, the tweak will have a nice time displayed in a minimalistic font while green dots represent the battery level.

Using the Tweak

For Vettr to work, you have to connect your device to a power source. In most cases, having a dock will make the tweak’s display even better but that is not mandatory. To stop the tweak, you just need to unplug your phone from power.

After connecting your iPhone to a power source, proceed to wake it up if you want the tweak to start working. The step will lead to a normal Lock screen but the tweak’s display will show a few seconds later. In case you want to use your device when Vettr is running, press the Home button and use a passcode or Touch ID. That way, you will bypass the tweak.

The tweak’s preferences that you can access from the Settings apps are straightforward. Choose to disable or enable the tweak whenever you want. Also, configure the brightness level.

Download Vettr from the BigBoss repo and try it out. Share your thoughts on how the tweak performs on your device.

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