Get in Total Control of Your Address Book Using FullContact

FullContact is an amazing way to make head of your jumbled address book. Contact mismanagement is a common mystery that no one has ever been able to solve. No matter how careful you are, you will eventually end up with a bundle of misaligned or duplicate contacts. The idea behind FullContact is to help you manage your contacts better by getting rid of duplicates and adding some organization into the entire list.fullcontact

How Does FullContact Work

The concept behind FullContact is simple. It links to all your contact capable accounts, from Google to Facebook and iCloud. You can also import the contacts you have on your phone and use all this information to create one unified contacts book with no duplicates or messy description.

The most impressive thing about FullContact is it crawls the searching for any public information related to your contacts. It will give you updates on job titles, extra contacts and other useful information that will turn your address book into a powerful business card catalog.

Even though some of the changes are applied automatically, the app will still keep some of the advanced changes pending until you give an approval.

The full-featured management settings will give you absolute control over your contacts. It gives you the so important manage duplicates feature and will also let you sync and backup your contacts to a cloud storage service of your choice.

Some of the most notable problems you might encounter when using FullContact is syncing with Facebook and LinkedIn. You have to import your LinkedIn contacts manually. You can no longer sync with Facebook since Facebook blocked the third-party application from accessing Facebook contacts data.

If all you need is a tool to merge the duplicates and add some taste to your contact book, FullContact is the absolute all-round tool that will get the job done beyond your wildest dreams. You mustn’t be on jailbreak to use this app.

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