Emojiant Lets You Receive Giant Emojis

It evident how communicating with your friends and family will never be the same again in iOS 10. The main reason for putting out that statement is based on the fact that messages in iOS 10 have many amazing features. For instance, you will be able to send larger emoticons to your contacts. If you have jailbroken your iOS 9 device and want to have that experience right away, consider Emojiant.Emojiant

How The Emojiant Tweak Works

Having been developed by Ryan Petrich, Emojiant presents the iOS 10 messaging experience. However, it necessary to know how the tweak works. If you accompany an emoji with text, it will appear in its normal size. On the other hand, your recipients will get enlarged emoticons if you send them unaccompanied by text.

With Emojiant installed, emoticons sent to you by iOS 9 and iOS 10 users using iMessage will appear enlarged. On the flip side, users without the tweak in iOS 9 or not using iOS 10 will see normal-sized emojis from you. Although it might be a downside to you, it is worth noting that Emojiant only works with stock Message apps.

The same functionality approach by the tweak is similar to that implemented in iOS 10. Enlarged emojis are only visible to recipients when sent using iMessage or SMS.

Adding The Tweak to Your Jailbroken Device

Emojiant is free to download, install and use. The process involves adding the developer’s repository to Cydia. Go to Sources>Edit, and then input this URL: http://rpetri.ch/repo

After adding the repository, the next step is to search for the tweak. Once added, you will need to perform no further configurations. It will start working right away. In turn, it is clear that this tweak can give you the chance to experience enlarged emojis as one of the interesting features in iOS 10.

Check out the tweak and don’t forget to comment below with your feedback.

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