OpenEmu 2.0.1 for OS X 10.11 to Enjoy N64, Nintendo 64, Atari, Sega and PSP Console Games

Popular gaming console emulator known as OpenEmu has been updated to version 2.0.1 that now support real time game rewinding, saving games and much more with support for some new consoles on your Mac OS X.

OpenEmu 2.0.1

OpenEmu has been a Swiss army knife of emulators OS X users who are interested in Game Boy or Sega or SNES games on their Macbook or iMac. Wit this updated version, users can enjoy their favorite retro games while enjoying a iTunes like interface with faster performance.

With release of new Apple TV, we have seen Apple improving its user interface with lot of changes like giving more options of customization and allowing third party apps installation. OpenEmu is similar third party app and because of such attitude from fruit company, developers have updated it with addition of many new features that include support for Stratus XL, bluetooth controllers and screenshot organizer.

Many of us might have the pleasure of playing Sega or Atari games and if you are one of them, then you might want to recall some of your old good memories by having a chance to play such games again, but this time not of your Atari consoler, rather on latest Apple Macbook machine. So is case with Sega games or Game boy games as with latest OpenEmu version, all such emulators are supported.

OpenEmu was launched back in 2013 with support for just 16 bit systems but with passage of time, because of its huge popularity, it was released for all Macbook. Next time, whenever you want to play Pokémon or Sonic CD, just download OpenEmu and look no further to kill your gaming thirst.

So if you are ready, head over to and download your copy of this amazing emulator for Mac OS X 10.11 or later. Let us know if you have any issue with its installation or downloading.

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