Enjoy a Color Scheme Overhaul on Spotify Using Lightify Tweak

The Spotify app stands out in various ways. Apart from its effective way of delivering a nice music-listening experience, its dark design is another worthy mention. The design really stands out from the rest of the iOS UI. However, based on varying personal preferences of different users, some have been longing for a white or light version of the app. Thankfully, there is a new package dubbed Lightify tweak that will achieve such a design.

Installing the tweak will give you the option to modify the look of the stock Spotify app. The modification involves implementing a white color on the app. If you have been using Spotify for a long time, the white UI will automatically make you notice the nice change.

Why the Lightify Tweak Will Impress You

Lightify tweak continues to impress if you base your judgement on its level of compatibility. The tweak’s developers have really worked hard to ensure you enjoy seamless compatibility with Spotify as you are using the tweak. As a testament to that hard work, you will hardly notice any lags on your Spotify despite the complete switch in the color scheme.

Lightify TweakEven if you highly prefer the dark and common Spotify UI, you may still go ahead and try out this new look. The main step you need to take after installing this tweak is heading over to the app switcher and completely close the Spotify app. That way, the tweak will take full effect

Additionally, this Cydia tweak does not present configuration options for further tweaking. In its preferences pane, you will only get the option to enable or disable the tweak on demand.

In conclusion, you need a jailbroken device to download and install the Lightify tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. At the same time, the device should be rocking iOS 9 or above. Let us know if you will be trying out the tweak.

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