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IntelliScreenX Tweak Makes Your LockScreen Better

Apple has one of the most beautiful smartphone UIs thanks to iOS 9 and 10. In iOS 10, we have seen the introduction of an even better notification center and control center, among other features. However, there’s still more than can be done. With IntelliScreenX, you have

Scriblit Allows Doodling on Your iOS Screen

A new jailbreak tweak, Scriblit, allows you to turn the display of the jailbroken iPhone or iPad into a drawing canvas. This means you can easily draw just about anything right on the iOS home screen. The tool is meant to add fun to the way you

Spotty Adds Album Illustrations to the Spotify Playlist

Do you feel the Spotify app displays songs in a boring manner? Well, Spotty might just spruce up things. The Spotify app doesn’t normally show the album artwork besides the songs and this might make it feel a bit boring. Not only does spotty better the look,

LockGlyph Brings Animation to TouchID

LockGlyph jailbreak tweak brings about the Apple Pay fingerprint confirmation animation on to your Touch ID feature. The tweak, available on Cydia store, only works with Apple devices that support Touch ID including the iPhone 5S , iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6S. If you can unlock

PokemonGoAnywhere: Visit Any Location On Pokémon GO

If you love Pokémon Go and you’re just in a location that doesn’t seem to have as many Pokémon as you would like to have, there is a way out. Well, you don’t have to walk to great lengths to catch a Pokémon. All you need is