AnsweringMachine Presents a New Voicemail Experience

There is a new jailbreak in the Cydia repository that aims to make the iOS voicemail system better than before. Many users have for long, wanted such an app to fill up the gaps with the stock voicemail system. The tweak is called AnsweringMachine and it let you use voicemail your way. With the customization options that the app provides, it is evident that it is a significant upgrade from the common voicemail system that has existed for ages.AnsweringMachine

Customize Your Voicemail Using AnsweringMachine

AnsweringMachine has many features that makes it flexible especially when you want to customize the settings. You will configure it to work the way you want. Even with the lots of features, this tweak still works seamlessly with the stock phone call system.

As part of its operation, AnsweringMachine bypasses the inbuilt voicemail system. After you are through with installing the tweak, a new app icon will appear on your Home screen. With the icon, you can easily access voicemail messages. Better yet, you can listen to the voicemails during their recording without picking up the call. Clearly, that is one the outstanding features of the tweak.

Banner notifications trying to transcribe a voicemail into text will appear when you have a missed voicemail. At the same time, the tweak’s icon will display budges corresponding to the number of missed calls. The other plus for AnsweringMachine is its compatibility with both FaceTime audio calls and phone calls.

With the transcribing feature, you can have a preview of the voicemail. However, the feature does not work perfectly. It is expected that transcribed voicemails will work better in the upcoming iOS 10 than in this tweak.

Launching the tweak lets you listen to voicemails again. The name of the sender, date and time will show on all your voicemails. Tapping on any of the transcribed messages will display the text and give you the chance to play the voicemail.

The Edit button at the top left side of the app lets you delete individual voicemails. You will also get a shortcut at the top right side to the app’s settings.

Setting Up AnsweringMachine

With its customization flexibility, the tweak has a lot of preferences. By the time you are through with tinkering with the preferences, you will have got what you want. The main options include:

  • Enabling or disabling the tweak on demand
  • Set up greetings
  • Configure notifications
  • Configure remote commands
  • Enable or disable the tweak in DND mode

The above options also have sub-settings for further customization. This means the only way to really get to enjoy the new voicemail experience is by installing the tweak. Download the tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $3.99 and try it out.

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