Effectively Spoof Your Location Using the LocationHandle Tweak

It can be very irritating when some applications track your location. In such situations, it would be necessary to seek for alternative methods to keep your location private. In turn, you will be able to stop many apps from acquiring information regarding your location. One way to

Get the Nightstand Mode With the Vettr Tweak

The Apple Watch has some really good features. One of such is the nightstand mode. The interesting thing about the mode is that it gives you a quick view of the time when you wake up. Given this feature, people with jailbroken iPhones would have loved the

Easily Take Long Screenshots With the BigShotJb Tweak

Taking screenshots is a common practice during your normal iPhone use. However, it is clear that you have always wanted to take a screenshot of an entire conversation or settings as you scroll down. Having said that, there is already a new jailbreak tweak that can help

AnsweringMachine Presents a New Voicemail Experience

There is a new jailbreak in the Cydia repository that aims to make the iOS voicemail system better than before. Many users have for long, wanted such an app to fill up the gaps with the stock voicemail system. The tweak is called AnsweringMachine and it let