Enjoy a Color Scheme Overhaul on Spotify Using Lightify Tweak

The Spotify app stands out in various ways. Apart from its effective way of delivering a nice music-listening experience, its dark design is another worthy mention. The design really stands out from the rest of the iOS UI. However, based on varying personal preferences of different users,

The TypeStatus 2 Tweak Lets You See Typing Status on iMessage

You can now download the TypeStatus 2 tweak and start toying around with its features. Right off the bat, you will develop interest in this tweak based on it functionality. After installing it, you will be able to see when your chatting mate is typing a response

Disable WhatsApp Big Emoji With the WASEMoji Tweak

When it comes to updates on apps and tweaks, a good number of people seem to share the same feeling. Updates do bring along a refreshing experience and new looks. When WhatsApp released an update to the app in July 2016, it presented new features. One of