Battivator Tweak Gives Useful Options to Save Your Device Battery

The invention of mobile devices still leads the pack in terms of the things that have revolutionized human life. Case in point are mobile phones. More often than not users wish the battery life of these devices would last longer than they currently do. However, if you

QuickDial Lite Lets You Enjoy Speed Dial on Your Phone

More often that not, the need to quickly dial a given number crops up. Well, there is a new way you can do that easily. Go ahead and install the a new jailbreak tweak called QuickDial Lite. After installing this tweak, you will be able to add

Vinculum Tweak Could Easily Replace the Control Center

Do not worry if you are already used to the old common look of the Control Center. There is a new and probably a suitable contender to bring in a fresh look and way of viewing the CC. Some would seek to know whether this new Vinculum

Bring iOS 10 Style to iOS 9 Using the Breadcrumb10 Tweak

The latest iOS has loads of features out of the box. However, a great deal of such features have been there in previous versions of iOS. The only thing that iOS 10 has done is officially include them and remove the beta-tag that they may have had